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· One min read
Samuel Iheadindu

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Have you ever been frustrated with the the situation in the topic above? In my case, we have an nginx reverse proxy with ssl certificate which has configuration that points to each internal application exposed through the reverse proxy. The ssl certificate of the reverse proxy ought to cover for all the applications exposed through it, so that we don’t need to generate ssl certificate for each application.

· 7 min read
Rowland Ekemezie

Photo by Atanas Teodosiev on Unsplash


The reason for this post is to highlight the steps I took to add dark theme support and why I took certain decisions. Your mileage will vary so see it as a guide and not the gospel. The starter kit used to bootstrap this site already made a few decisions which I wouldn’t want to change like SCSS which is pretty great. With a CSS-In-Js library like styled-components or emotion, few things would have been easier.